Aquaflor x Polina Stepanova

Wunderkammer is a celebration of new chapter for Aquaflor, it is an exploration of the world of olfactory through the other senses. The boutique is becoming a creative space, a portal into the world of dreams.

Perfume is passage between physical and spiritual, tangible and intangible, visible and invisible. 

All the works of art presented in Wunderkammer were inspired by the perfumes of the Aquaflor collection, narrating and interpreting them through painting, photography, and installations. 

Polina Stepanova, artist and curator of this exhibition, in collaboration with Polimida students and emerging creatives of Florence, worked on unique pieces created exclusively for this event.

Artemisia x Polina Stepanova

5th June 2023, 19:30, Florence

To nature in all its manifestations, to the Earth Element, to the beauty of its infinite manifestations! This painting performance of Polina is in collaboration with the finest flower boutique in Florence, Artemisia

During the event Polina will perform the alchemist painting ritual with natural inks, plant elements and the signature touch of golden foil.

Each of the paintings will be available for sale as a limited edition. For further details, please send an email to Polina Stepanova.

Address: Lungarno Corsini 48 R

Painting Performance at Artemisia

5th of June, in the heart of the historical centre of Florence, Polina will be performing a painting ritual in collaboration with the finest flower boutique, Artemisia.

Polina Stepanova will be creating the artworks inspired by the flower palette of Artemisia, plants and the natural element. All paintings will be available for sale as a limited edition during and after the performance. 

The performance will be open to public, however, please consider that the spaces are limited.

Painting performance at 5Rosso Gallery in Bologna. 

Polina is working with resin based inks that in the ancient times were used for painting the furniture pieces, and later on, adapted in calligraphy. 

Polina is working in a technique that is called Gesture Painting. It is based on different ways of spilling inks over the pre-treated canvas.

Watch the video of the process!

Limited edition of works are available in the website of 5Rosso. This gallery carries a very high quality luxury prints of Polina Stepanova paintings, specifically created as the interior design edition.

Alchemist Painting

5th of May 2023, Bologna, 5Rosso

"For me the process of painting is a ritual. After graduating from Antwerp academy, after ten years of teaching illustration, it still is a mystical moment for me." - Polina Stepanova

Here is the detail from the painting performance at the 5Rosso art gallery in Bologna on the 5th of May 2023.

During the painting ritual Polina created 8 artworks that became a limited edition series. The ritual of painting performed by Polina is a metaphor for the creation process, the power of transformation of the matter and of the artist.

To see the new artworks please check this page.

For prices, availability of the artworks, and booking a performance, please contact Polina Stepnova via email.

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Join me in at the art performance, a ritual, during which I will be creating the abstract ink paintings inspired by the elements. You can have a chance to suggest me the inspiration, the topic, so that I will create a custom made artwork. 


My inspiration  lies in a deep fascination with hylozoism: philosophical idea of matter having a soul. Each painting is a visual translation of concepts related to emergence of life on Earth, elements and primordial forces. The narrative of my art is inspired by ancient folklore and its rich symbolism. Similarly to an Alchemist or a Priestess, artist seeks to transform matter into a powerful and charged object.

This specific way of painting is developed by me to allow watercolour and ink work together with gravity: dropping, travelling around the canvas. I leave the ink stain to transform on their own and evolve into its final state. Abstract dialogue of shapes and colours evokes symbolic interpretation similar to the one of dream analysis. In this context the viewer is invited to become a part of the creative process, giving a personal meaning to the artwork.

Where can I see Polina Stepanova's work?

IMAGO Art Gallery, Perugia, Via Marconi 2. 

5ROSSO Art Gallery, Bologna

Where can I buy Polina Stepanova's works?

IMAGO Art Gallery, Perugia, Via Marconi 2. Contact to see the selection.

5ROSSO Art Gallery, Bologna. Contact to see the selection.

Or contacting Polina Stepanova to request an updated catalogue and ask for an appointment.

Can I collaborate with Polina Stepanova?

Yes. Polina Stepanova is open for collaboration within the field of art, curation, textile design print. Contact here to propose a project!

Does Polina offer courses in painting?

Polina Stepanova is teaching Illustration at POLIMODA. This course offers various techniques as exploration of creative identity.

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