Hi, i am Polina Stepanova.

Nice to meet you.

I am a visual artist, professor at Polimoda Institute in Florence, and trend [future] forecaster.

I believe in symbols, energies, collective consciousness and that future is not in the data but in our hands and minds.


2023, May - Exhibition and Painting performance at 5Rosso art gallery.

2023, April - 'Imprint of Matter' Painting Exhibition and performance at IMAGO art gallery.

2023, January - Junior Fashion Lab, Creative workshop for Pitti Bimbo.

2022, September - Trend Forecasting workshop for Gucci 9.

2022, August -September - Trend Forecasting webinar for the Armenia Fashion Council and ZIPHOUSE Moldova. 

2022 April - July: Contemporary Fashion course for Fashion Critique Master curated by Tim Blanks.

2022 April: OBJECT PERMANENCE. Curator of a photography exhibition in collaboration with Kuroshiro event planning in Florence, Italy and Artiglieria Gallery.

2021 May - ART THOU. Concept development, content curation for ART THOU, book dedicated to art and upcoming talents for Polimoda. The book bring together young talent and the expert fashion insiders like Tim Blanks, Iris van Herpen, Rick Owens, Dries van Noten, Li Edelkoort and Linda Loppa.

2020 - 2021 Speaker and “Assemblage” Workshop Lead on Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education held by UDK Berlin, Berlin University of Arts.

2019 November: Fashion Consultant for YOOX Net-a-Porter group. “Fashion Future” workshop at focusing on trends within fashion and culture.

2019 July: “Close the Dream Gap” workshop supported by Barbie Mattel and Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing. 

2018 November 17th- 18th: “Contemporary Paradox” Masterclass for Cultural Forum St-Petersburg powered by FES Global supported by Russian Ministry of Culture.

2018 January:  Visual content development for on-line lectures made in collaboration with BOF Business of Fashion and Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing.

2017: Trend Forecasting for FRAUENSHUH x EDMOS collaboration.

2017 May- present:  in-studio trend forecasting lectures and seminars for Luxury Interior Design and Luxury Fashion Design for Mecaer Aviation Group MAG Design Studio.

2017 - present: Guest Speaker, Workshop lead and Jury member for the events organised by ZIPHouse Moldova [trend forecasting and fashion design].

2016 June: Leonid Alexeev, Russia; visual content curation for the advertisement campaign.

2016 - present: Freelance Trend Forecasting for EDMOS, smart recycled luxury leather accessories, Italy.

2015: Seminar curator on behalf of Polimoda at IFFT conference in Florence in collaboration with At-Work and Moleskin for the project ‘How to make ideas happen?’

2015: Black Market, Rome, Italy; ‘Dark Crump’ Installation, sculptures, paintings and furniture design and creation.

2013 - present: POLIMODA International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing; lecturer on Fashion Trends, Fashion Research, Contemporary Fashion, Contemporary Luxury, Fashion Aesthetics, Fashion Illustration and Art Direction. All courses have both long-term and short-term format, as well as seminar and workshop experience.


2009 - 2012: Royal Academy of Fine arts in Antwerp, Fashion Department. 

2005 - 2008: Helen Fashion Design School in St- Petersburg, Fashion Department. 

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